Water as Our Resource

MGCC’s Environment committee hosted a workshop series in 2017 that focused on sustainable stormwater management practices for urban properties. Have you ever considered adding a rain garden to your yard? Or using rain barrels to capture water? What about installing permeable pavers to replace traditional walkways and driveways? All of these methods and more help to manage storm water on your property. Our workshops sought to:

  • explain the importance of addressing storm water in our yards as well as throughout the city
  • illustrate feasible, inexpensive methods to get you started
  • connect participants with resources for further education and funding

While the workshop series may be over, below you can find resources and information for implementing the strategies on your own! If you have any questions, email mgcc@macgrove.org - we'd love to help!

             Why should I care about stormwater?                 

The majority of Saint Paul lies within the Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD). The water resources located in CRWD all eventually discharge to the Mississippi River. When it rains, pollutants from yards, parking lots, buildings, and streets are washed into the stormwater drains, ponds, creeks, and other sources that impact the natural landscape and wildlife.

Learning how to reduce the flow of pollutants, or capture stormwater before it hits impermeable surfaces(pavement, roofs, buildings), will help to improve and sustain natural ecosystems.

As the climate changes, Minnesota can expect to see more and heavier precipitation.



                                 Get Involved                                  

Learn more about the Environment Committee’s work here. The committee meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of every month—anyone who lives, works, learns, or plays in Mac-Grove is eligible to join!

Interested in more water  resources? The Capitol Region Watershed District has classes, volunteer opportunities, and grants for you to take action! Visit capitolregionwd.org


                         2017 Workshop Series                          

We are so excited to share the Water as Our Resource workshop series with residents of Saint Paul!

The first workshop on April 28th set the stage for why stormwater management is becoming increasingly important, and helped illustrate how  you can create a local movement. Are you worried about local water resources? Do you feel frustrated that not enough is being done to mitigate climate change at the city or state level? Check out the resources below to learn how you can create a local movement, and learn about the latest research on tools and strategies to motivate action.

The second workshop on June 22nd was all about learning how to implement strategies for stormwater management on your property. Master Water Steward, Dave Pasiuk, shared best practices information for rain gardens, rain barrels, permeable pavers. 

   APRIL 28      

Climate Change Resiliency and Stormwater Management, presented by Dr. Christie Manning.

Macalester-Plymouth United Church, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm - 

Climate change is no longer a distant theoretical possibility and we know, in general, what climate change will bring to our region:  stronger and more sudden storms, warmer and icier winters, a tendency toward longer dry spells, higher likelihood of extreme heat waves.  All of these effects have implications for management of our stormwater resources.  This workshop will focus on how our community can become better prepared for stormwater challenges. We will introduce current best practices in stormwater management, as well as recent research findings on why people get involved in stormwater management and other resilience-building efforts.  Come to learn, to share your knowledge and ideas, and to help create a more resilient Macalester-Groveland. 

   JUNE 22     

Stormwater Management in Your Backyard, presented by Mr. David Pasiuk, Master Water Steward

Macalester-Plymouth United Church, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm 
Learning Objectives: Practical, household level strategies for sustainable management of stormwater on urban lots.

David Pasiuk will collaborate for one session focused on strategies, methods and practices for more sustainable management of stormwater where it falls – in backyards, driveways and rooftops.  Topics will include landscaping and lawn care tips for managing stormwater, how to plan and incorporate features like rain barrels or raingardens, and other practical tools/tips.


View the Water as Our Resource presentation below. Click here to access if the viewer isn't loading.

Many thanks to supporting businesses; All Energy Solar, Castle Building & Remodeling, and The Natural Built Home Store!

This workshop series is made possible through a Partner Grant from the Capitol Region Watershed District.