Join the Organics Recycling Drop-Off Site

Reduce waste, save money on your trash bill, and minimize your family's environmental impact by joining the Macalester-Groveland Organics Recycling Drop-off Site.  Joining the program is easy:  sign up through the Community Council office, pick up compostable bags at a local grocery or hardware store and start collecting food scraps, leftovers, nonrecyclable papers and much more to bring to the Organics Recycling Drop-off Site.  Anyone who lives or works in Saint Paul is eligible to join the Drop-off Site. 

Between September and November, the registration fee is $21 for renewing members and $29 for brand new members. Your registration fee provides 24/7 access to the Drop-off Site through May 31, 2014 and covers the cost of hauling the organics to a commercial composting facility.  A limited number of need-based scholarships available to residents that meet income requirements.  

Sign up by downloading the attached registration form (click the "Read more" box if attachments aren't visible).  Bring your registration to the Community Council office (320 South Griggs Street) via postal mail or in person (please use our mail slot if staff members are out of the office.) 

Questions?  Contact our program coordinator, Lauren, at 651-695-4000 or