Development Projects in the Neighborhood

Looking for information about a potential or proposed project in the neighborhood?  On this page, you will find the most recent information that MGCC has received about current projects.  Questions?  Contact us at or 651.695.4000.

   Snelling/St. Clair Redevelopment   


On June 6, 2017, Lecesse Development notified MGCC that this project is on hold pending the resolution of a title dispute.  

History of the project

Lecesse Development proposed to redevelop this corner as a mixed-use, multi-family property.  They applied to rezone the property as well as for a conditional use permit to allow for construction of a building over 55 feet tall.  

See more information:  

Previous versions of plans: 

Representatives from Lecesse Development attended the March 22 Housing and Land Use (HLU) Committee meeting to discuss the rezoning application, the CUP application as well as the site plan.  After speaking with the developer, considering neighborhood feedback, consulting the Macalester-Groveland Long Range plan and assessing the merits of the application, the HLU voted to support the rezoning request.  The committee also voted to support a conditional use permit, but only up to a height of 61'6".  This is the height of the proposed roofline.  The committee did not support the additional height for the decorative towers proposed at the north and south ends of the building.  The committee also discussed the most recent version of the site plan and made several recommendations for improvement including:  

      • Improve the streetscape by incorporating pedestrian-friendly improvements to the Snelling side facade.  
      • Beautify the alley side wall. 
      • Setback the upper residential floors and add roofline variation as much as possible.
      • Minimize the width of the parking lot entrance on the St. Clair side of the building.  
      • Include pedestrian safety improvements for all driveways crossing sidewalks including signage, pavement markings and mirrors.
      • Design and construction should be completed in such a way as to allow for conversion of parking area into retail area, should future market conditions allow.  
      • Add bike parking facilities to the public and tenant areas.   

See MGCC comment letters on the rezoning application, the conditional use permit application and the site plan.  


Lecesse Development attended our February 22 2017 Housing and Land Use Committee meeting (see agenda) to share an update on negotiations that have resumed for a purchase of the property at the southeast corner of Snelling and St. Clair Avenues (246-286 Snelling Ave S).  They shared the following updated plans:  


In the fall of 2016, testing on the site revealed high groundwater levels beneath the proposed development.  This means that construction cannot go below ground level and underground parking is not possible.  The developer halted plans for development on the site.  


On August 24th, 2016 Lecesse Development Corp shared a draft proposal for a mixed-use development on the southeast corner of Snelling and St. Clair Avenues with our Housing and Land Use committee.  The draft of the project included 155 housing units ranging from studios to 3-bedroom units, varying height from 2 stories on the alley side to 6 stories on the Snelling side, 229 parking spaces below or at-ground level and 2,100 sq ft retail space on the ground level.  Links for the plans, elevations and a solar study presented in August are here:           

   At Home Apartments, 33-45 Syndicate   

At Home Apartments intends to redevelop this site of three parcels (33, 39 and 45 Syndicate St. S.) into a mixed-use property comprised of multifamily apartment units, office space and retail space.  The first step in this process is to re-zone these parcels and apply for a conditional use permit to allow for a 43-foot tall building.  At-Home has submitted a rezoning and conditional use permit applications to the City (see links below).  At the February 22nd Housing and Land Use Committee meeting, the committee voted to support both applications.  


Links to the documents: 

   Snelling Ave S Zoning Study   

The City of Saint Paul is conducting a formal review of existing zoning districts to determine if new zoning for certain parcels would be appropriate. The study area includes the blocks along Snelling Avenue South, between I-94 and Ford Parkway, as well as the blocks along Selby Avenue, Grand Avenue, St. Clair Avenue, Randolph Avenue, and Highland Parkway within 1/4 mile of Snelling Avenue (see map). This study will compare existing land uses with current zoning and potential new zoning. Not all properties will be recommended for rezoning in this area. The proposed zoning will set the desired course for new development, while being compatible with the existing neighborhoods.

See more information about the Snelling Ave S Rezoning Study.  

On June 13th, 2017 the combined Neighborhood and Comprehensive Planning Committee of the Planning Commission met to review testimony from the public hearing held by the Planning Commission on May 19m, 2017. The committee made one change to the study’s recommendations, for proposed rezoning of properties near the Snelling and St. Clair. On June 30th, 2017, the full Planning Commission voted to forward the study to the Mayor and City Council for consideration, with a recommendation that the study’s recommendations be adopted. A public hearing will be held by the City Council on September 6, 2017.


   Residential Design Standards  

Residential Design Standards Study and Ordinance (scroll down page on City site)


Reconstruction and Rebuild fact Sheet_9.15

1. Require additions of 120 square feet of floor area or greater to adhere to 10% window and door openings minimum. (City‐wide)
2. Height reduction at side setback lines for single‐family properties, increases allowed with larger setback. (Districts 14 and 15)
3. Change in side setback requirement for RM1‐RM3 multiple‐family zoning districts to 9 ft., consistent with existing traditional building patterns in Saint Paul. (City‐wide)
4. Total maximum lot coverage – 45% for all buildings, including principle and accessory structures (such as garages). (Districts 14 and 15)
5. Sidewall articulation – required for building faces longer than 35 ft. in length, at least 1 ft. in depth and 6 ft. in length. (Districts 14 and 15)
6. Exceptions for expansion in nonconforming areas generally not visible from the street. (Citywide)
7. Additional minor amendments. (City‐wide)