Food: Too Good To Waste

Get smart! See how much food and money you are throwing away.  

In fall 2015, 14 Mac-Grove families participated in a 6 week long challenge to reduce the amount of food they waste at home. On average, they reduced their food waste by 16% !

Take the challenge at home: MGCC now has FOOD: TOO GOOD TO WASTE kits you can check-out at our office! The kits have everything you need to start measuring your family's wasted food and to start trying new habits. Interested? Email 

How it works: Each week for 6 weeks, you'll  measure how much food your family wastes - including moldy peaches, forgotten leftovers and shriveled tomatoes. You'll also try new tools and ideas for reducing food waste in your home. 

Taking the challenge at home? Check out these great resources!

Weeks 1 & 2: Get Smart! Find out how much food and money you're throwing away

Week 3: Smart Saving: Eat what you buy

Week 4: Smart Shopping: Buy what you need

Week 5: Smart Prep: Prep now, eat later + Smart Storage: Keep fruits and vegetables fresh

Week 6: Do what works best for you! 

Fact: The average American throws away 20 pounds of food each month.  
MGCC, with support from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and EPA Region 5,  is sharing resources designed to help you reduce the amount of food you waste. During the self-guided challenge, you'll use tools for smart planning and reducing wasted food at home.  Why does reducing wasted food matter? Check out this short video

Over the past year, MGCC has held four workshops (including a screening of the food waste documentary Just Eat It) designed to help community members find new ways to think about wasted food and changing habits.