The Macalester-Groveland Community Council fosters citizen participation
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Organized Trash Collection

organized collection

How many trash collection trucks go down your alley every week?  How much do you pay for your trash pickup?  Did you know that your neighbor might be paying less? 

An alternative system of “organized collection” would allow the City of Saint Paul to negotiate contracts with trash haulers on behalf of residents.  Organized collection does not necessarily mean just one trash hauler for the entire City.  There are several ways that this system could work, including supporting multiple hauling companies.  Many cities that have implemented organized collection have achieved greater efficiency, increased services and/or decreased costs. Currently, each household is responsible for contracting with a trash hauling company individually.  

Annual Neighborhood Gathering

Thanks to all who joined us at our Annual Neighborhood Gathering on Thursday, April 9 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Smail Gallery at Macalester College.  We enjoyed kicking off our celebration of 40 years with you all! 

Congratulations to newly elected At-Large Residential Representative Jim Mogen, and re-elected At-Large Residential Representatives Jack Fei, Libby Stegger, and John Zwier. Congratulations to re-elected At-Large Business Representative John Rozek and At-Large Educational Representative Bob Shoemake. 

MacGrove Moves

There's lots to love in Macalester-Groveland, but one of the best things about our neighborhood is how walkable and bikeable it is! Chances are you’ve seen several people in the neighborhood biking to work, catching a bus to the grocery store, or walking to a coffee shop at some point this week - why not join them? You’ll get out into the neighborhood, save money, and support our local businesses.

To participate, leave your car at home and walk, jog, bike, or take public transit to your destination at least 15 times before June 30, 2015. Turn in up to three log sheets by the end of June (that’s a total of 45 trips) to be entered to win great prizes.

St. Clair Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation

The City of Saint Paul will be doing extensive construction work on St. Clair Avenue between Snelling Avenue and Victoria Street from May 2015 - November 2015. Once the project begins, updates on the project can be found on this page

Randolph Avenue Reconstruction

Randolph Avenue will be reconstructed in 2015 and 2016: 

"Ramsey County, in cooperation with the City of Saint Paul, will reconstruct Randolph Avenue from Snelling Avenue to I-35E to replace the deteriorating roadway section. The preliminary engineering phase of the project is underway. The project construction will take place over two years.  Randolph Avenue reconstruction in 2015 will be between Brimhall Street and Syndicate Street.   Randolph Avenue reconstruction in 2016 will be between Syndicate Street and I-35E.  CLICK HERE for the project layout.

Teardowns: What MGCC is doing and how you can get involved

Map shows age of structures in Ward 3 Zoned R1-R4

April Update: The City of St. Paul Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on citywide zoning changes on Friday, May 8 at 8:30 a.m. in rooms 40A and B in the City Hall basement.  These Zoning Standards Recommendation were originally developed to address new construction in Ward 3. However, at the March 27, 2015 Planning Comission meeting, commissioners voted to release a version of the zoning changes that would apply citywide, not just to Ward 3. To view the citywide recommendations, click here. Can't attend the public hearing? Weigh in via Open Saint Paul by May 11 - click here.


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